Parents Outreach Network for Youth
1)  Re-institute Community Involvement. 
     The community under the guidance of involved        parents, can be a  support system for youth    
    development, academic achievement and provide opportunities to help youth Stay focused on positive goals and lessen the likelihood of involvement with drugs, school dropout and violence.​
 2) Educate our youth on the importance of long-term goals. 
      Our youth cannot perceive long-term goals setting because today’s society. Place so much emphasis on       short-term gain. Immediate gratification outweighs the importance of achieving long-term gain. By       
      increasing the community’s resources,  opportunities for aspiring youth will create the desire to learn to      develop and grasp the concept of  setting long-term goals for the future.

  3) Increasing parental involvement in education, health and social areas, can make a difference!
      Parents are the most important role models in our children’s lives contrary to what others might say.             We can break the cycle of failing in school, unhealthy eating habits and eliminate long-term health    
      problems, it starts with us getting involved. Parents can decide to invest more, it is our choice! By    
      investing more, the future of your child is greatly increased to succeed
To reinstitute community involvement, educate our Youth on the importance of long-term goals, and increase parental involvement in the educational, social and career endeavors of our Youth.